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After extensive and rewarding careers in the foodservice industry, Pawan and Dilbir decided they were ready to take on a new venture providing quality food service and bringing their menu and vision to life. They will take all of the invaluable experience they have acquired throughout their careers and use it to create our brand that will be loved by the community.

Upon starting operations, Burger Bulls Food Truck will sell a wide range of foods that are both high quality and teamed with outstanding customer service. What will set Burger Bulls Food Truck apart from its competition is our commitment to providing our food and services in multiple locations for the convenience of our customers, as well as extended trading hours in areas with very few late-night food options.

Fresh & Innovative

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100% Organic

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Pawan Kumar, Founder, and Owner

Accounts Management and Marketing (remotely)

Pawan Kumar has built a strong career within the hospitality industry. He studied in the Holmesglen Institute of TAFE and received his Certificate IV in Commerical, Certificate IV in Patisserie, and Diploma in hospitality. Pawan has also taken part in the Melbourne Food and Wine festival and Shared Tables. He started his career with TGI Fridays as a chef and quickly moved to Training Supervisor Team, Alongside, he was working with Pinnacle Group Australia as Chef in Five Star hotels on a Casual Basis to gain more experience in Fine Dining. Then in 2016, He got offered a Job in Ribs and Burgers as Store Assistant Manager. After Year been Assistant Manager. He moved to Became a Store Manager as currently working with Brand. Pawan wants his expertise to make his Brand.

Dilbir Singh, Operations and Management

Pawan Kumar


Solomon Fuentes


Dilbir Singh

Store Manager

Daniel Sperindeo


Hugo Turner

Head Chef

Hugo Turner

Head Chef
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