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Our Vision To provide the highest quality product and service to our customers and build their trust in our brand. Pawan Kumar has built a strong career within the hospitality industry working as a Restaurant Manager at a high-volume quick-service restaurant in Melbourne.

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M – F: 10am – 6pm
S & S: 10am – 8pm

Since 2021

Epic Foodtruck

Company Background After extensive and rewarding careers in the foodservice industry, Pawan and Dilbir decided they were ready to take on a new venture providing quality food service and bringing their menu and vision to life. They will take all of the invaluable experience they have acquired throughout their careers and use it to create our brand that will be loved by the community. Upon starting operations,  Labour Controls.


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Mad Ox

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Chubby Cow

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$ 8.65

Booming Buffalo

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$ 9.35

What We Do

Our Mission To be regarded as the highest quality, quickest, and most delicious food option in the local area.







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Complete Menu


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Rebecca Holman
Jalapeno lover
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John Smooth
Cheese Fanatic

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